Hello and welcome to the website for Doctor SEO! I’m here to offer you as much helpful knowledge on the topic of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as possible. This is a FREE service and I’m hoping to educate people in the areas of web marketing. Of course, I’m available for private consultation here in Las Vegas, NV. Simply contact me for an appointment.

Our mission is to be the consumer advocate for small businesses and to teach them what Internet marketing is and how it can benefit them.  We will show you the available options for getting a website built, how to save money in your choices, and best of all, how to avoid LOSING money from all the scams floating around out there.

Like 60 Minutes, we’re going to report on any news/information/alerts we come across.  We’re not afraid to tell it like it is.  The medical staff at Dr. SEO (team members from Media One Pro) are ready to vlog and help you become educated and aware of the latest technologies and marketing innovations.


I work as the principal SEO engineer for Media One Pro. If you Google “seo services las vegas”, you’ll see that we’re number one! We are proud of the quality of our service and believe we are fair priced and can help your business grow online. Contact me to find out more information about this wonderful company.

Media One Pro is endorses by both the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce and the Better Business Bureau.  Our aim is to be honest and transparent and show you the truth via facts, not fiction.  Feel free to ask us anything!  Also please attend our educational seminars.  For more information, visit our Seminars page.



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